Are you tired of the traditional medical format?  Are you and your health listed as a number or how much your insurance reimburses? Is your time and money extremely valuable to you?  At the MVPT your time and money are cherished.  Every patient or athlete is treated individually.  Proper education, one on one care, video taped analysis, and custom training programs are the normal.  You deserve to be treated accordingly.  


Ron Gallagher PT, MSPT, METS, USTF1 brings over 10 years of experience as a physical therapist to the MVPT.  Coaching many sports, including personal run/triathlon coaching and assistant coach Div 1 cross country/distance track, has sparked a passion for performance that blends very well with rehabilitation.  In fact, they are the same concept.  Injuries occur with biomechanical errors, training errors, or some combination of both.  Come on down to MVPT where your time, health, and performance are at the focus of the service you receive.