HYPER SPEED LAS VEGAS is Las Vegas’s premier youth triathlon team.  We are a group of 7-15 year old, boys and girls, striving for greatness during swimming, biking, and running during triathlon.  Our goals are to qualify for elite status or race our best effort at US National Youth Championships in West Chester, OH.  We aim to introduce many young athletes to the sport of triathlon and help them compete at a high level.  There is a strong movement in NCAA to make triathlon a sanctioned sport, and also there is a movement to recruit gifted youth to Olympic caliber training programs to feed the US Olympic Triathlon team.  We welcome all ranges and abilities and we aim for long-term development into strong athletes who can maximize potential in all 3 disciplines of triathlon.  
What can an athlete or parents expect?  Your athlete will participate in individualized plans for each athlete in a group setting (we are expecting between 10 and 15 athletes).  Swim workouts, bike workouts, run workouts, strength training, and injury prevention emphasis from Head Coach Ron who ensures healthy, intelligent coaching and race programming.  Each athlete will be evaluated both training and health-wise and coached as an individual.  We will race as a team with matching kits, hats, shirts, etc., and will be a team in the truest sense of the word.  We compete in local races and will travel to Washington and other qualifiers as well as the Elite/Non Elite Youth National Championship in Ohio.   Prices and time commitment vary and information will be available via phone, please call the clinic at 702-998-2900.