After a year of running trails, I started to develop a few issues. The pain got worse, and I began to think my running days were limited. Running at the Henderson Trail Classic the pain was too much, and my run was unpleasant to say the least. At the end of the run, Rob pointed out the Maximum Velocity booth, I stopped by and got a card. A few days later I met with Ron and I am so glad I did.

Ron did a full check up, and concluded that what I suspected as a bone fracture was not, and started me on some rehab. Let me state that Ron is a runner, and he understands the runners (athlete in general) mindset, and works with that, not against it. I can say that after only a couple of weeks the progress is amazing, I am feeling better than in several months, and also I understand what was going on. I have lots of work to do to solve the problems in the long run, but that is what makes Maximum Velocity stand out, they strive to solve the problem, not just the symptoms. Thank you Ron and staff for helping me get back on track. I look forward to a great running future…  Aaron C. Hastings


Ron Gallagher is a great physical therapist, educator, and mentor. I am a former UNLV runner and have worked with Ron as a patient, athlete, and employee. Before working with Ron my expectations of physical therapy were limited. However, Ron takes the time to educate patients about how important it is to use proper mechanics during everyday activities. Ron shows patients that they are capable of changing their habits and thus changing their symptoms. Ron is an amazing motivator in and outside of a clinical setting and always goes above and beyond to help people live a healthier lifestyle. As a patient Ron helped me recover from injuries on the track which helped me win multiple conference titles, multiple UNLV MVP awards and national recognition, such as NCAA division 1 second team All American. After completing my track career, Ron continued to encourage me to live a healthy lifestyle and helped me train as a triathlete. I won my age group in my first triathlon and am excited for many more in the future. I am currently in school to become a physical therapist. Ron has shown me how physical therapy can change peoples lives and I can’t imagine being in any other career.  As an employer, mentor, and friend, Ron has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and shows me that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to. -Emily Blok


Cheryl Snow Says:

I came to Ron's PT office several years ago with shoulder and lower back problems. Especially when it came to my back, I was convinced that physical therapy wouldn't be able to fix everything that was wrong, but I was soon convinced otherwise. After the first few weeks, I could already feel a difference. By faithfully following Ron's instructions, I was able to gain function more rapidly than I had expected. And, not only did Ron help me gain the functionality I had lacked, he educated me about how my body worked so I was able to maintain my functionality after my visits to the office stopped. 

I later came to Ron for issues regarding my knees, which were especially bothering me after I had been running. Again, I knew if I did what Ron told me I would see improvement. I not only was able to eliminate my knee pain but my running pace increased dramatically simply due to the therapy I received.

I feel like my time with Ron gave me the life skills I have needed to manage my unique body issues in a healthy, positive way. I highly recommend his services!


In the time that I have worked with Ron, his guidance has taken me from a recreational runner to a legitimate endurance competitor. He has taught me not only how to recover from injury, but how to proactively train my body in order to prevent injury from ever occurring. His passion for endurance athletes is matched only by his sincere desire to empower people to take control of their own health and well-being. I have never met another person so committed to the betterment of other people’s lives, and I would not be where I am today without Ron’s guidance.

-Steve Harris, 2:39 marathoner, 3x Boston Marathon competitor, top Nevada Finisher Boston 2012


“Before I met Ron, I suffered from reoccurring issues with my knees locking up.  This severely limited my physical training, damaged my self-confidence, and threatened my career in the Air Force.  The grief my knees were causing me was incredibly frustrating, especially because I wasn’t able to get any definitive information from doctors or other physical therapists.  Fortunately, I was referred to Ron Gallagher. My first impression was, “Wow, this is a guy who actually wants to see me get better”.  He was able to identify, explain, and correct what was causing my symptoms. After working with Ron for just a few weeks, my symptoms subsided.  Ron also gave me the information, training, and tools I needed to stay injury free.  Because of Ron’s care and training, I’m performing at optimal levels without worrying if my knees will slow me down. Thanks for everything Ron! 

-Mike I"