We listen.

We transform impairments or patient problems into performance.  You are not too old, too fat, too slow, too scared, too poor, or too injured to perform. You may have lost your way, and we can help you find it. 

We inspire

In the traditional medical format, your health is listed as a number or reimbursement code. Did you know that some health professionals choose your care based on how much your insurance reimburses? To us, your time and money are extremely valuable, and we take that into serious consideration.  Every patient and athlete is treated individually.  Proper education, one on one care, video analysis, and custom training programs are the norm.  You are unique and deserve to be treated accordingly.

Here is a list of some of the services available at MVPT:

  • Physical therapy

  • Gait and or functional evaluation

  • One-on-one strength training that is activity or sport specific

Physical Therapy starts with a thorough evaluation. All evaluations are one-on-one with the physical therapist and may include video analysis depending on the problem. Your evaluation will be comprehensive and assess the body as a whole. Multiple body parts can contribute to bad movement, pain, and injury. We get injured because of movement errors. Something is tight, something is weak, and your body is compensating. The evaluation is designed to identify your movement dysfunction. Your evaluation can be up to an hour and will include all treatment associated with exam findings as time is limited by patient.

Who will benefit from an evaluation?  Injured, pre-surgical, post surgical, and post-traditional PT rehabilitation to help you reach your performance goals. The fee for this service is $150. Request an evaluation.

Physical therapy follow-up visit.  This service will be a progression of treatment from the initial evaluation, whether it is right away or a few weeks out. Since we don't have any limitations from the insurance, we can be creative. Traditional physical therapy over utilizes modalities such as heat, cold, ultrasound, massage, and electricity. None of these are proven to be beneficial. At MVPT, you will be put on a progressive exercise program that will be facilitated by manual therapy and encourages movement retraining. This visit will be 1:1 or for a very short period of time 1:2 therapist to patient ratio. There will be no technicians, only a detail oriented PT or licensed PTA to help facilitate proper exercise prescription and proper mechanics to reinforce movement patterns that eliminate biomechanics errors permanently. Your follow up visits will not be over managed.  Your time is important so you will be seen as your needs dictate, rather than by what insurance reimbursement dictates.  

Who will benefit from this service?

  • Any injured patient already evaluated.

  • Those patients who are reporting back for a check-up and progression of home exercise programs.

  • Patients that went somewhere for traditional PT and are now ready for performance.

The follow up visit can be any other visit and will not require much time.  The fee for this service is dependent upon the time of the service.  $1 a minute with a $50 minimum.

Gait Evaluation.  There are no other health care providers in Clark County who are qualified to perform this service quite like MVPT.  Since MVPTs inception we have performed over 250 gait evaluations. Combining traditional physical therapy concepts with high level run coaching brings a level of unmatched expertise. This service will include thorough examination of past medical history, injury history, training schedule, footwear, and video analysis of movement and gait. Sometimes movement dysfunctions bring about pain and can limit performance. Running injuries need more of a performance evaluation. This service is one-on-one and will last hour to an hour and a half. Please come ready to run.  $200 for the gait evaluation to include video analysis of running on the treadmill. After evaluation and education, there will be exercises performed to start the recovery or performance.  Request a Gait Evaluation TODAY!

One on one or group training.  Traditional physical therapy drops you off at barely healthy. This service is designed to take you from dysfunctional movement to functional movement and then progress you to high performance.  After your evaluation, you will be given a list of exercises you specifically need to plug in your deficits. Next comes the strengthening portion of the session.  Following strength is the main set.  The main set will be determined by activity or sport.  The strength and main set will be periodized according to location in training cycle.  Your progression will be body weight oriented until clean movement patterns are established then progressed to adding weight.  There will be NO cutting corners, only smart training.  

Who will benefit from this service? Any athlete who wants to take training to a new level by correcting biomechanics, building fatigue resistant bodies, build bulletproof biomechanics, and minimizing incidence of injuries and limiting severity of injuries.   Group classes will be limited to 5 people per group unless otherwise negotiated.  The fee for this group training service is $250 per month for 2 set times a week per month for a total of 8 session per month.   

*Military, family, and teacher discounts are available!