"Active living is getting more out of life by giving more of yourself everyday."-Unknown

The ideal person for MVPT is someone who is trying to live a more active life and wants more out of life but is limited.  We want to inspire you through cutting edge conservative care that is designed to restore movement.  We want to show you that there ARE alternatives.  We cater to people for whom traditional medicine has failed or traditional training has failed.  Have you heard the opinion "You shouldn't do that, that is bad for you?"  That opinion usually means the person you are talking to cannot help with your problem, not that there is no hope for your problem.  The truth of the story is active people are ahead of the curve and know their body. May be you have to modify your activity, or may be you have to work your activity in differently.  Often, the traditional medical community is overthinking things.  The way you are doing it is the problem, NOT THE ACTIVITY ITSELF.  Rest is the worst strategy for MOST injuries or ailments.  Running injuries especially.  Efficient running requires running.  Joint problems like Osteoarthritis (OA) should not rest.  The more you sit on the couch the less efficient or weak you become.  Weakness facilitates the problem.  Usually with proper cueing you can go from painful running or walking to pain-FREE running or walking.  Injuries are usually related to training errors, including lack of training or inactivity.  Did you know that your kid should have a pitch limit per week along with per game?  A child is 64 times more likely to have arm surgery when they throw too many pitches a week.  Did you know that young ladies 12-18 years old make up a large percentage of the ACL injures?  Did you know that 60% of the time conservative treatment is just as effective as surgical outcomes? Did you know that too many minutes on the tennis courts without proper strength training or cross training to support tennis results in overuse injuries. How about golf?  Golfing on its own without cross training or attention to biomechanics will limit performance and can cause injuries. All of these training errors are controllable and changeable.  Why not report to a place that specializes in educating people on how to  move, train, and perform?  Request an appointment!