What Runners Need to Know About Running Injuries: A 4-Part Series

80% of runners will experience pain during running.  It happens.  Having pain does not make it wrong or bad for you.  Sometimes when you run correctly it hurts.  Thats good for you.  Yes I said it, GOOD for you (part 4 is coming).  You see all running injuries depend one thing; Loading Rate. Loading rate is how quickly the body (bone, tendon, muscle) has to absorb the ground reaction forces with each step according to my buddy Karl with his blog post on this topic.  We are reinforcing the work done by Jay Dicharry, PhD formally of the University of Virginia SPEED clinic (if you like to hear it straight from the man check this out).  Great guy, super smart, crazy cool lab, and has treated a lot of runners with tremendous success, hence trekking out UVA X4 to hear him and his colleagues speak.  He concludes:


Running Injuries are directly related loading rate (Part 1). Loading rate is directly related to Contact style or how you land (Part 2), Limb Alignment or what your body is doing (Part 3), and Limb Stiffness or how your body adapts to force of running (Part 4).     


The treatment of running injuries is highly skilled and requires attention to details.   It cannot be taught in a weekend class or with fancy, cookie cutter tools.  The treatment of runners requires expansive orthopedic and running specific knowledge, experience, and the time devoted to modifying the skill of running.  The human body is extremely resilient and can adapt.  There are no quick fixes, there is no piece of plastic or brace that can restore healthy movement.  Fully recovering from running injuries means changing training plans, modifying running style, or adding to a training regimen.  At MVPT we will show you how to successfully run through your injuries.  We typically discourage the advice to rest here, after all, running efficiently cannot be attained while you sit on the couch.  You will receive running homework and you will get activities to facilitate healthy running.  Are you not injured and want a boost in your running?  You can get a lot out of the education we offer at MVPT.  Either way, injured or not, go to maxvelocityPT.com and request an appointment today, we want everyone out running!!