The TRUTH About Foot Pain

The TRUTH About Foot Pain

Foot pain does not have to be such a mystery.  Find the movement error and apply a change to that movement error to eliminate the pain.  We can help!

What is all the HYPE about?

HYPER SPEED is coming to Las Vegas!  MVPT is proud to announce a new youth triathlon team.  If you have a young triathlete (boy or girl) between the ages of 7 and 15, they can join Hyper Speed and compete in local and national events!  Young athletes of all ability levels from novice to elite status are welcome.  Our goals are simple.  First and foremost, have FUN.  Fun, to us, is training hard, training smart, and falling in love with competing and racing to maximize our potential.  For some, that will be competing at the Elite level.  For others, we will work toward achieving elite status.  We are accepting anyone who wants to have fun competing in swimming, biking, and running.  

We will race all of our local races as a team.  The Las Vegas Triathlon Club is a valuable asset to our community, and all of our athletes will race in their club races.  We will have a presence at Rage, Sand hollow, Las Vegas Triathlon, etc as well as travel to Washington for qualifier races for the youth National Championships.   We will conduct ourselves as a team.  We will travel together.  We will race in matching kits, matching hats, matching shirts, and bags.  Hyper Speed will have a sense of community and pride.  HYPERSPEED LAS VEGAS is a USAT sanctioned club.

Where do we start?  As with all the athletes and patients at MVPT, it all begins with an evaluation.  We don’t want anyone getting injured.  Each athlete will receive a musculoskeletal evaluation before we train.  We will identify any strength or range of motion abnormalities before they start becoming an issue.  We will then begin a strengthening program to create a body framework that is ready swim, bike, and run at a high level.  Then, we will swim (both open water and pool), bike (both road and trainer), and run (road and track).  Each athlete will have custom workouts in a group setting. Everyone will have a race plan built on the individual training they receive at practice.  

Our long-term vision at MVPT is to prevent and promote health through movement.  We have been very humbled and fortunate that more kids are training at MVPT than we expected.  The opportunity to start kids with healthy habits and prevent future biomechanical injuries is a very cool idea.  On the other side of the spectrum there are youth within our community who possess world class potential.  We want to give those kids a chance to flourish.  

We are planning a HYPER SPEED info night Friday, January 29, 2016 at MVPT.  With some input from people on social media, phone (702-998-2900) or email rjg_mpt@yahoo.com.  If you are remotely interested please do not hesitate to contact Ron.