Gait Training is the Key to Running Performance and Injury Minimization

80% of runners will be injured.  Your footwear only helps so much.  Footwear is just equipment.  You are in charge.  How your body moves, especially when you are tired is more likely to blame for your injuries or poor performance.  Training errors happen.  Even the best coaches delegate training errors.  You might not even realize the training error you made 2-3 weeks ago is why you do not feel your best today.  Sometimes the solution is right around the corner and you do not even see it.  Not to worry, help is here.  At MVPT we SPECIALIZE in the treatment of runners.  Everyone says that, what does that even mean?  It means that 95% of the evaluations we provide or something around 3-400 hundred patients a year are on runners.  It means that evidence based treatment is at the forefront of the interventions we provide.  Evidence based means we have spent the time and energy to study all facets of returning to running and we have hard facts to back up the intervention we provide.  No guessing, no gimmicks, only skills.  The facts are not enough.  How do you apply those facts?  That is where the experience comes in.  Running rehab is an art and a science.  Experience blends the art and science.  AT MVPT we have been treating runners longer than some of our competitors have been in practice.  

Gait training is the key.   Here is a 4 part series we are resurrecting to highlight some important keys during the rehabilitation and performance enhancement of athletes who run. 

Part 1/Intro



Part 2:  Contact Style

Part 3:  Limb Alignment

Part 4:  Limb Stiffness

"History shows us that people who end up changing the world are always nuts, until they are right, and then they are geniuses." --John Eliot

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