Top 6 Reasons MVPT is For You…..Even If You Didn't Know It

In the UK, where I grew up, we have socialized medicine.  It is awesome; I can attest to that and give you several reasons why.  But that’s not what this post is about.  I am writing about the importance and benefits of a private cash pay specialized clinic.  I am writing about why I am stoked to be a part of Maximum Velocity and why you should be too!  Despite people having access to free healthcare, private Sports specific facilities thrive and are busy as ever.  The reason? People know they will get sport specific specialized treatment that will get them back to doing what they love, better, stronger and faster than before. These clinics deal primarily with athletes, beginner through elite, and are designed for performance training and recovery.  At MVPT, we are a running specialty clinic because running is the fundamental skill of most sports.  We are expert PTs who can spend time with people who fall through the cracks of traditional medicine. 

To give you some more insight, I have compiled what I think are 6 of the top reasons Maximum Velocity Physical Therapy (MVPT) is the place for you, even though you may not think it.

    1.  Streamlined Recovery

No bells, whistles, or outdated techniques and modalities.  We offer an evidence-based approach, which facilitates a faster, stronger and better recovery plan that also prevents further or additional injury.  Best part is the patient is in charge of the treatment schedule.  We take the time to deliver 1:1 evaluation and testing with a focused attention to detail.  We want to know about that time you fell over a traffic cone or walked into a door…as trivial as you may think these things are, they can shape an excellent evaluation of your overall musculoskeletal health. 

    2.  Holistic

By acknowledging that the body should be and must be addressed as a ‘Whole’ we can be thorough in our assessment and treatment.  This is important for two reasons: 

    •    One, the phenomenon of referred pain means that because pain is felt in one body part, it can originate from elsewhere, and 

    •    Two, a lack of proximal stability can cause distal injuries – in other words reduced stability close to your core, including hips and shoulders makes for increased risk of injury or pain farther away from the core. 

Insurance and traditional methods do not account for this.  If you go to the Doctor with elbow pain, and he refers you to PT, it may turn out to be a problem in the neck.   You then need to wait for an updated referral to treat the neck so insurance will cover.  With direct access, we skip these unnecessary steps and get you on your path to greatness immediately. Also, the MD or PT may effectively resolve that elbow pain, temporarily but if the underlying cause remains, a similar or related problem will crop up, and you end up ‘chasing your tail’ so to speak. 

    3.  Fast Track

You’ve been training for months for a race or event and then BAM! Injured. Race over? Not necessarily. We can evaluate and assess the injury, provide you with the tools to continue into your race and help to trouble shoot your race plan.  You CAN race or perform SAFELY with a PT with athletic training experience to fast track your injury to race or train.  Rest will not fix the problem.  Call the clinic and ask questions at least, let us show you there is another option.

    4.  We Know Sports and Orthopedics

We believe everybody should be training.  We are first and foremost a running specialty clinic.  This is our bread and butter.  The orthopedic knowledge and experience to truly be an expert with running makes us ultra prepared for any sports or orthopedic injury.  But, we are also athletes and come from a diverse background with experience in Cycling, Triathlon, Soccer, Swimming, Boxing, Dancing, cheerleading, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Football and Baseball.  We know what it means to be training and performing at your best; how time away from your sport is the last place you want to be.  To compliment this, we work together with coaches and athletes to get you back to training efficiently, without injury, and with solid biomechanics. 

    5.  Cost

This is usually the first deterrent for most people.  Why would you come away from your insurance to a cash pay clinic?  Aside from the reasons already mentioned, you would be surprised at the overall cost vs a traditional PT or medical format.  With direct access you can see us first. No need to pay for a physician visit to get a referral, you simply call us. Our average length of treatment is only 3-4 visits vs around 12 visits through insurance pathway.  WE ARE CHEAPER.  Secondly, you already invest time in training.  Maybe you’ve hired a coach, invested in new equipment, have a destination race planned, so it only makes sense to invest in the one thing you should and can have complete control over: your body.  I’m a PT, a sport specific PT, but I’m also an athlete. If I get injured I would much rather go somewhere where the PT understands the demands of my sport, the importance of staying fit and healthy and most importantly knows biomechanics to ensure my form is sound and my risk of injury is low. 

    6.  Performance Health Check

We believe that even healthy, non-injured athletes will benefit from an evaluation.  We want you training smart and healthy.  PREVENTION is better than reaction to an injury or problem.  That’s why we offer a full gait assessment or, at a reduced rate, the performance evaluation.  By putting you through your paces with a full biomechanics assessment, reviewing form, mobility and stability, we can identify barriers to improved performance.  We can identify any risk of injury and any deficits that may impact your progression.  Also, this way, if you ever do find yourself injured, we have the advantage that we already know you, your body, your goals and your focus. This is huge when it comes to Sports Physical Therapy and Performance.  

So where does that leave us?  Well, I invite you to check out our website:

Here you will find our blog with various articles and information from Ron Gallagher and myself.  Get in touch with us by phone or email, or simply stop by and check out our facility!  Bottom line, we are the place for the athlete, no matter the goal, no matter the level.  We are the place for you.