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Top 6 Reasons MVPT is For You…..Even If You Didn't Know It

Top 6 Reasons MVPT is For You…..Even If You Didn't Know It

Lisa Leonard has summarized a very compelling list of things that make MVPT special.  What do you want from your health and fitness?  We can help.

There are 2 Types of Patients: DO MEs and SHOW MEs

Physical Therapy (PT) is a very dynamic profession.  When compared to the rest of the professions in the medial field PT is very young.  Very young professions are trying to prove they belong.  PT has an initiative in place to build more and more evidence that we belong.  When I hear about my colleagues rushing over 50 patients a day through a clinic, my heart breaks.  When I hear people complain about the type of care they received and I see "hot pack, ultrasound, massage," I cringe.  Physical Therapy is fighting for legitimacy and greed or money takes precedence over quality care.  

When Physical Therapy puts out a watered down, factory-like product people think thats what Physical Therapy is.  This style of treatment breeds a patient expectation that I call "DO ME."  DO ME's believe that when they arrive at PT someone is going to DO something to them to make their impairments go away.  When the patient return to the doctor with no change in impairments the doctor proceeds to the next level of care.  Usually something more invasive.  PT has let the patient and the medical community down by not fulfilling our role.  DO MEs dont realize this is happening as they are relying on the experts.  DO Me's dont read research.  They dont realize that hot packs, ultrasound, electricity, dry needling, and massage are not proven to be beneficial.  There is a lot more to the treatment of medical problems especially musculoskeletal problems.  Sure those treatments feel nice but changing impairments sometimes doesn't feel nice.  Thats where the SHOW ME's come into play.  You cannot replace the work.

SHOW ME's do not crave short term benefit.  SHOW ME's can be educated on why they feel, what they feel, what they need to do to change it, and be given a plan for the future.  PTs are experts in biomechanics, movement, and the treatment of such injuries.  If the problem is climbing stairs then the PT should evaluate the task of climbing stairs for you. The PT should identify a movement error and apply a plan to help this person move better.  Show them how to move better.  Movement disorders are governed by daily habits that causes anatomical reactions that can lead to performing well or limiting performance.  For everyone how we feel is a result of how we are trained.  By sitting on the couch or not training, anatomical problems find you.  Arthritis is a result of inactivity not overactivity.  For those who are exercising but not controlling all variables may be contributing to symptoms without knowledge.  

If you are not getting what you want out of your body or the treatment you have received ask yourself "how much responsibility have I taken during this process?"  Am I a SHOW ME or am I expecting someone else to do this for me.  DO ME's can become SHOW ME's.  If your network of health professional are not educating you and are supplying "things" (modalities such as heat, ice, ultrasound, elctro, massage, braces, orthotics, etc) for you, take control and change your network.  I am challenging the health care system, health care professionals, patients, and anyone who will listen to take responsibility for your role in this situation.  In this era of fast food type health care voice your opinion with where you spend your money.  Don't let big business rob you of your functional life especially your happiness.  Every human according to our biology is hard wired to move.  Thats right, our happiness is directly related to how much we move.  When was the last time someone regretted a workout or a run?