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Top 6 Reasons MVPT is For You…..Even If You Didn't Know It

Top 6 Reasons MVPT is For You…..Even If You Didn't Know It

Lisa Leonard has summarized a very compelling list of things that make MVPT special.  What do you want from your health and fitness?  We can help.


I have always thought of myself as a coach.  When I was a teenager my Dad and I coached my brothers baseball team. When I went to work at UNLV as an assistant track coach, I started with running orthopedic knowledge, injury prevention or rehab knowledge and book knowledge of athletic development.  As a PT, I was only allowed to participate in bits and pieces for athletes but never the whole process from start to finish.  It wasnt until I surrounded myself with Olympic level coaches and athletes, and even sat in the warm up tent at US Olympic trials that I realized I have a knack for this running stuff.  One day, while evaluating the options available to UNLV runners, it dawned on me.  Age groupers should have access to this level of sophistication for training.  Age groupers train more than these girls, so why don’t they have these services?  I was already METS1 certified so I had the nutrition coaching part down.  I was already experienced on the injury and performance side of the strength situation.  I had some age group run training experience so why not put it together?  I already have 10 athletes that have asked me to coach them without me actively recruiting coaching clients.  They convinced ME that I should start actively pursuing coaching.  Where to begin?

            I kept seeing this advertisement from a company called Triathlon Research.  The word Research is what grabbed me.  Could there be a company out there that is doing evidence based training and coaching?  If so, I HAVE to know what they know.  I applied and was accepted.  I spent a week in Denver, CO with 20 other elite coaches from around the country.  I am now a Triathlon Research certified triathlon coach.  I spent all week with some of the nations leading nutritionists (Bob Seebohar), top run/bike/swim coaches and athletes.  It was a wonderfully intense experience.  As a Triathlon Research certified coach, I will be asked to coach clinics all over the US.  I will have the opportunity to coach with the top professionals in triathlon today.  Who will be my clients?

            First, coaching will not change the primary focus of MVPT.  I’m looking for orthopedically challenging coaching clients.  I love serving the injured or plateaued athlete.  I love that running or triathlon is a part of our SOUL.  If an athlete cannot do it, there is emptiness.  I want to fill that void.  If I can get that person healthy, why not take them to the next step?  It is the most challenging orthopedic puzzle possible, and I want that challenge.  Injuries are just opportunities for huge comebacks. 

Many athletes have 3 different coaches on their team – seldom on the same page, when they could have 1 coach who is managing all aspects.  I can do the program writing, the biomechanics changes for healthy training and high performance, and I can assist with the nutrition training.  How different is the training?  Why guess on what exercises to do for strength training?  How many miles should you run before a ½ Iron?  How should you manage daily nutrition and race day nutrition?  Shouldn’t someone be monitoring those things at the same time?  Don’t they all relate to one another?  Lets us streamline it for you.  All 10 athletes I coach are healthy.  All of them have overcome some major adversity, and all 10 are currently training hard and ready for a big race. 

What makes me different from other coaches?  I can identify, evaluate and solve problems before they become bigger problems.  My expertise is in developing skills.  Want better swim, bike, and run skills?  The skills are based on biomechanics, and who better understands biomechanics than a performance oriented PT?  Every workout, every bit of information is rich in evidence.  No stones are left unturned, and there is no guessing.  Obviously, some art has to be applied but all decisions are made with long term health in mind.  Only a PT can offer that. 

Two athletes: a national champion and runner up in the same race - both with PRs on the big stage.  I am so proud of the work they put in.  Two athletes racing in Olympic national championship and setting their overall 10K PR in the back of an Olympic distance race.  I will take that!  I just want people to be happy, proud, healthy, and alive.  I want you to get the most out of your training time.  I want you to reach your highest potential.  I want to make sure that injuries don’t hold you back or crush your dreams.  That is why I am putting my name in the coaching arena.  The fee schedule is based on the time and the needs of each individual athlete and will be agreed upon between the athlete and Ron. 

To make an appointment feel free to visit or call 702-998-2900.  This service will be an extension of our daily mantra which is to serve each individual with the focus on one on one care, cutting edge movement oriented training or physical therapy.    


Since its inaugural event in 2007, CrossVegas has captured the hearts and chamois’ of cyclists throughout the valley, but this year, it also boasts being one of the UCI World CycloCross events.  As the competition grows closer, everyone is looking for ‘The Edge’: new wheels, disc brakes, di2 groupo, SRAM or Shimano, bibs and jersey or skin suit…so many variables that impact performance.  But what about the key variable?  The Engine.

Throughout the off season, stage season, road season, and crit season, you have spent time on the saddle, checked off the miles, chased KOM’s, and “Cat”ed up.  For most of you, cycling has been the heart and soul of your training.  You have developed a formidable engine with powerhouse thighs that even Sagan might envy.  But, now as cross approaches, you are jumping OFF your bike, leaping over barriers, running up hills, and tackling sandpits like a ninja.  If your purpose is simply to show up and participate, those powerhouse legs of yours will find a way to get the job done.  But if you’re seeking a PR or hoping to admire the view from atop the podium, you need something more.  Your engine needs an upgrade! 

So what is ‘The Edge’, this holy grail of cross excellence? 

Although you developed a powerful engine for cycling, you may be missing a key component to this crossover - the kinetic chain of triple extension through the hip, knee and ankle, critically executed to ensure the injury-free land-based exercises required in CycloCross.  The major muscle groups utilized during cycling are your Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calves.  However, the driving force required for running, leaping and jumping activities is your Gluteals – the booty!

To get your edge, you need to be able to engage your glutes for more power, speed, and efficiency in the OFF bike exercises.

Want to get that upgrade?

At Maximum Velocity, by analyzing your running gait and biomechanics, we are able to breakdown the elements of form and rebuild it with improved efficiency and potential.  And the best part is that stronger glutes and better movement will reduce the likelihood of injury.  My next blog post is a deeper exploration of the common issues cyclists face when crossing over to running (see what I did there, cross is everywhere!). 

So as you prepare for the 9th Annual CrossVegas, acquiring your taste buds to the latest brews and ales, growing that ever-so-last-minute beard, prepping your excitement for cash and pizza primes and generally having a smashing jolly good old time on your bike…. Don’t forget to come to see us and find your ‘Edge’.

Lisa is taking evaluations to help you find your edge.  Feel free to go to or call 702-998-2900 to make an appointment. 

MVPT Year 1: The Year in Review – From Nothing into Something

MVPT Year 1:  The Year in Review – From Nothing into Something

1 year later and the mission is the same.  Education and performance is the key to inspiring for full potential.

There are 2 Types of Patients: DO MEs and SHOW MEs

Physical Therapy (PT) is a very dynamic profession.  When compared to the rest of the professions in the medial field PT is very young.  Very young professions are trying to prove they belong.  PT has an initiative in place to build more and more evidence that we belong.  When I hear about my colleagues rushing over 50 patients a day through a clinic, my heart breaks.  When I hear people complain about the type of care they received and I see "hot pack, ultrasound, massage," I cringe.  Physical Therapy is fighting for legitimacy and greed or money takes precedence over quality care.  

When Physical Therapy puts out a watered down, factory-like product people think thats what Physical Therapy is.  This style of treatment breeds a patient expectation that I call "DO ME."  DO ME's believe that when they arrive at PT someone is going to DO something to them to make their impairments go away.  When the patient return to the doctor with no change in impairments the doctor proceeds to the next level of care.  Usually something more invasive.  PT has let the patient and the medical community down by not fulfilling our role.  DO MEs dont realize this is happening as they are relying on the experts.  DO Me's dont read research.  They dont realize that hot packs, ultrasound, electricity, dry needling, and massage are not proven to be beneficial.  There is a lot more to the treatment of medical problems especially musculoskeletal problems.  Sure those treatments feel nice but changing impairments sometimes doesn't feel nice.  Thats where the SHOW ME's come into play.  You cannot replace the work.

SHOW ME's do not crave short term benefit.  SHOW ME's can be educated on why they feel, what they feel, what they need to do to change it, and be given a plan for the future.  PTs are experts in biomechanics, movement, and the treatment of such injuries.  If the problem is climbing stairs then the PT should evaluate the task of climbing stairs for you. The PT should identify a movement error and apply a plan to help this person move better.  Show them how to move better.  Movement disorders are governed by daily habits that causes anatomical reactions that can lead to performing well or limiting performance.  For everyone how we feel is a result of how we are trained.  By sitting on the couch or not training, anatomical problems find you.  Arthritis is a result of inactivity not overactivity.  For those who are exercising but not controlling all variables may be contributing to symptoms without knowledge.  

If you are not getting what you want out of your body or the treatment you have received ask yourself "how much responsibility have I taken during this process?"  Am I a SHOW ME or am I expecting someone else to do this for me.  DO ME's can become SHOW ME's.  If your network of health professional are not educating you and are supplying "things" (modalities such as heat, ice, ultrasound, elctro, massage, braces, orthotics, etc) for you, take control and change your network.  I am challenging the health care system, health care professionals, patients, and anyone who will listen to take responsibility for your role in this situation.  In this era of fast food type health care voice your opinion with where you spend your money.  Don't let big business rob you of your functional life especially your happiness.  Every human according to our biology is hard wired to move.  Thats right, our happiness is directly related to how much we move.  When was the last time someone regretted a workout or a run?