MVPT Year 1: The Year in Review – From Nothing into Something

I had to do it.  If you never go out on a limb you never get the fruit.  I decided a little over a year ago that I was going to take my career in a different direction and create something new.  Why?  Because something wasn’t right.  I looked at my job, the clinic, and the people around me, and I wanted something better.  The patients coming to me for physical therapy were injured and scared.  They needed help.  I knew what to do, but there was only so much help I could give.  Insurance policies were dictating what and how much I could do.

The insurance companies just weren’t helping.  Their guidelines and policies made patients anxious or scared and they certainly had the clinician afraid too.  If the clinician didn’t bill the services accurately the clinic wouldn’t get paid.  If there were discrepancies, the patient would be held responsible for full billing.  That’s just the money part.  If the patient wasn’t any better or after they were better I would have to hand their care to someone else.  Too many patients and not enough good quality care.  Why is money, time, and red tape limiting the clinicians ability to support to their patients?  Who wins?  The insurance company.  Or the big money hungry clinic that sells out to make a buck.  For more on this subject, read my blog “You don’t insurance?  Why not?

I have always been fascinated by the how the human body is put together and how it works.  That’s why I entered the field of physical therapy.  I could apply my love of physiology to people who were hurting and make their lives better.   But instead, what I found was an industry where personal care was determined and often limited by insurance policies and bottom lines.  I could not be a part of that. 

What if there was a clinic that would simply do the right thing?  Give patients the quality care they need.  Offer solutions not red tape.  Focus on healing not on policy.   Be simple not confusing.  Remove the limits!  Everyday, I teach people that we are capable of impossible dreams, and with the right guidance and motivation anything is possible.  The time had come to follow my own advice. 

MVPT is born.

Looking back, I wish I had been more prepared for the many challenges and setbacks.  At first, it was difficult to get the word out.  What I was doing was different, and most people didn’t understand my plan.  That uncertainty made people afraid.  I would build MVPT to serve the community, and when the community spreads the word, the referrals will be returned.  We chose to minimize the time and cost to each person within the boundaries of providing quality care, and we welcome that person telling multiple people about the level of care they received.  The number of referrals is the benefit, not running up the bill on one person.  The patient’s success IS the clinic’s success.   As you are about to read below, this plan worked.  This past year has exceeded my expectations beyond belief.  It turns out, there are plenty of people who just simply want to get better.  They have found something that works, and they’re telling others.

There are two types of patients out there.  DO MEs and SHOW MEs (read more here.)  Do mes want something magic to happen TO them.  Massage, some manipulation, ART, taping, dry needling, hot packs, ultrasound, electricity, and any other gadgets can be useful for feeling good, but there is very little evidence these things fix problems.  You see, movement is the key.  Movement is king.  Show mes learn how the right type of movement leads to greater strength and few injuries.  If those other things allow for better movement then it is easy to assume those things worked.  Will it stay?  Is it something the person can do at home?  Is it reliable?  My experience says no (and you can read more here.)   Here are a few examples:


·       Finding Ron has been a life changer for me.  I came to Ron desperately seeking help after 20 years of back pain.  I had seen every kind of doctor there was out there and so many chiropractors I can't even count.  Every single doctor gave me a new diagnosis and tried some different "technique."  Some things helped for a few days, others things made my pain more frequent and worse.  I found Ron when I was referred to him for a shoulder injury.  After talking with him about my back he thought he could help.  Ron started doing things completely opposite than what had done before.  It wasn't my joints and back that was out, my muscles and ligaments had been so stretched from all the adjusting over the years that they couldn't hold my joints in place. It took about a month before I really started feeling a difference.  I felt we were headed in the right direction.  Because I have had back pain/problems for 20 years I am still working on getting my back into shape. But I have never had more pain free days since I was 15.  I am feeling so much stronger, and I have hope that I can one day get to the point that I can be completely pain free.  Ron continues to think out of the box.  I am a slow healer.  The other therapists and doctors gave up on me right away, but Ron continues to think of new ways to help my body heal.  I will be forever grateful that I found Ron to help me be a happier, healthier, pain free ME!

- Mindy B


·       I injured my ankle while teaching an exercise class on trampolines.  Unable to put any pressure on my foot, I went to urgent care to have an x-ray and exam.  The doctor explained that I had a bad ankle sprain and recommended not exercising for 6-8 weeks.  My first partner-crossfit competition was in one week, and I was determined to participate.  My friend, who is an avid runner, recommended that I go see Ron Gallagher at Maximum Velocity Physical Therapy.  Ron assessed my situation, not just biomechanically, but also my lifestyle and what my goals were.  He provided an efficient progression of exercises and numerous techniques to help improve my ankle mobility, reduce the swelling in my foot and get me ready to compete.  By the time I left after the first visit, my mobility had dramatically improved and the swelling decreased.  He continued to monitor my progress throughout the week that included clinic time and an at home exercise program.  Not only was I competing in one week after my injury, I continued teaching HIIT and trampolines classes.  Ron is very detail oriented, focused, friendly, and has a genuine interest in his client’s well being.  -Kristina W


·       I came to Ron at Maximum Velocity about 2 months ago, barely able to walk, using a crutch and feeling overwhelmed with pain and failure.  Three months had passed since my knee surgery and not only had I not made any progress, I felt like my body was crumbling around me.  My other knee felt like it was giving out, my back was in constant pain, and the post-op knee was weak, bent and swollen.  In short, I was desperate.  I was back in the United States for just a few months before having to return overseas where physical therapy options were very limited.  Meanwhile, I wondered if I would ever walk normally again and if the summer was even enough time to make a dent in my recovery.


Fast forward to the present day, I haven’t used a crutch to walk in weeks. I can walk up and down stairs, do squats, and have experienced a metamorphosis of healing physically and mentally that I never thought possible in such a short time. My life has changed from feeling broken and hopeless to feeling strong and optimistic.  One of the most important aspects of my time with Ron has been education.  Ron has taught me how to interpret, categorize and address my body’s movement and its relationship with pain.  Without this, I think I would still be sitting with my icepacks and TENS machine waiting for the pain to get better. I am so grateful to Ron for everything. Words seem grossly inadequate, but Ron saved me, and if there is anyone out there who is feeling like they are out of options this is the place for you.


There are many reviewers on here who are athletes for whom Ron has helped, but I wanted to write a review specifically for that person who might be feeling intimidated; wondering if this place is only for super athletes.  I remember looking at much of the sports related information and thinking, “Am I the sort of person that belongs in a place like this?” I worried that I might be too broken or not athletic enough to feel comfortable.  I am so glad that I didn’t listen to my fears and I found enough courage to walk through the doors because once I did, I realized that my concerns were completely unfounded. I have always felt comfortable here. I call Ron “The calm dad” he has a very serene exterior, but he’s going to expect that you push yourself to your full potential, whatever that may be for you as an individual.


I’m deeply grateful that a place like Maximum Velocity exists and that Ron has created a place of healing and strength for all. He completely changed the way I understand my body and I have achieved more movement and strength than I have had in a decade. 

 –Rachel S.

Running is hard.  It is the second most challenging activity on our body besides cross country skiing.  It requires ROM, strength, stability, control, balance, and among other qualities.  A popular belief among medical professionals is that running causes too many injuries.  They are wrong.  It simply is not bad for us.  There are several studies that show that running is good for joint health.  We NEED the pounding.  Any gadgets or fluffy running shoes that remove pounding are moving us away from healthy running.  The orthopedic skills required to assist runners with finding their rhythm again are hard to find.  They require lots of reading, learning, and experience.  167 out of 180 referrals or 93% of the referrals at MVPT were runners, triathletes, or team sports that require running information.  Lumping them together says that 93% of the referrals here are runners.  A running physical therapist can progress injured people to healthy and from healthy to running, then to running fast.  (read here, Why a running PT is Better)  Here are a few examples:

·       Ron and the team at Maximum Velocity were fantastic and gave me hope where there wasn’t any. Following a micro-fracture knee surgery, I was told I couldn't run more than 20 minutes per week. Devastating news for a soccer junkie like myself, but after feeling a bit under-evaluated I visited Maximum Velocity to get another take. Ron assessed my total functional form, set out a plan, and now after several months of rehabilitation and training, I’m back to running and playing soccer again.

-Sep D


·       I met Ron when we were both volunteering for UNLV’s women’s track and field team. I had competed for UCLA as a discus thrower and been an All-American in 2002 and world ranked in 2005. I continued to train after a car accident and having 3 boys, but I was in constant pain.  Ron showed me exercises to help me, and taught me how to progressively add on to the exercises to increase strength in the weak areas that were causing the injuries and pain.  Ron is my go-to guy because he doesn’t just tell me to rest.  He will show me how to fix the problem, and wont just put a band aid on it.  He gets you back to training and competing better than you were before you were injured. Now I have crossed over to competing for CrossFit, and I still do the warm up exercises Ron showed me so I stay injury free.                –Lara C

·       “Brooke” was already featured.  Read more here.  After that post ran, there were 4 other runners with urinary incontinence after having babies that reported to MVPT and are running with no pain.  Moms should not have that problem, it is NOT normal, and YES there is something to do about it.  Educate them on how to restore normal pelvic floor strength, hip stability, and return to running smooth with force progression.

MVPT is the only running specific clinic in Las Vegas.  A medical knowledge foundation, with strength coach knowledge, and track/age group coaching experience has blossomed into treating runners of all types.  If you would like to read more here is why runners get injured.  Here are a few examples:

·       About a year ago my now 12 year old son was training to qualify for the USATF National Junior Cross Country Championships.  He had been doing triathlons for about 3 years as well as participating on his middle school cross country team.  He had also completed numerous 5K’s, 10K’s and three half marathons.  As a mom, I knew he would be able to handle the training for Nationals and be able to qualify at Regionals in California in November, 2014.  In August, 2014 he started having knee pain.  The training intensity and the distance was nothing unusual or different however it seemed the knee pain continued to get worse.  By the end of October, 2014 his training had significantly decreased due to the pain.  He did qualify locally which made him eligible for Regionals.  At the Regional race he started off in the front of the pack and was holding strong with the group of very fast kids.  By the time he turned the corner half way through the race the pain on his face was nothing you want to see on your son.  A few hundred yards later he fell to the ground holding his kneed is such agony.

I myself am a triathlete and runner and have had my share of injuries.  I had been to orthopedic surgeons, had X-Rays and MRI’s and seen numerous Physical Therapists and the solution was always nothing was wrong so you, running is bad and you need to stop running and rest.   Well I knew that this was not a solution for a 12 year old boy with big dreams. 

I called Ron Gallagher and brought my son in shortly after the Regional race.  Ron’s philosophy in Physical Therapy and applying strength training in the rehabilitation is like none other that I have seen.  My son has been seeing Ron now for a little over 8 months.  He is running faster now than I have ever seen - no knee pain whatsoever!  He just finished a half marathon a few weeks ago and finished 14th overall and 2nd in the under 24 age group in 1:42. 

I can’t thank Ron enough, not for just his knowledge but for truly caring about his patients and being my son’s Physical Therapist and now coach and mentor.  Based on his recent success, my son now wants to be a professional triathlete.                -Renee C


·       I came to MVPT broken, misdiagnosed, and having lost some of my passion for life.  Six weeks of fairly easy supervised exercises, and I was ready to be unleashed.  I was a triathlete who had conquered all distances of triathlon, and I was ready to step it up and enter the ultra running arena.  I wanted a coach and partner to help make the best decisions to keep me healthy and running strong.  I have so many facets to my life, and I don’t have room for downtime.  MVPT created a very condensed training program with very specific instructions and goals.  We’ve been really focused on strength training.  A lot of other coaches don’t incorporate that or leave it on your schedule for you to determine on your own.  Ron gives basic components, which he makes sure you fundamentally understand and perform.  From this, my running times have improved drastically, and an old shoulder injury has been greatly improved.  MVPT looks at the whole chain of movement in the athlete. My nutrition wasn’t supporting my needs as an athlete, so we addressed it, and I made some changes. That alone has changed my fitness level, my body composition, my power, my endurance, my mood, and my whole family’s health. I started triathlons in my 20’s but at age 38 I’m way more capable of a higher level of performance.                                                              -Shawna G


·       When I first met Ron, it was strictly for physical therapy.  He provided me with the knowledge and skills to eliminate my knee issues permanently. I recognized Ron was skilled professional and a genuine man. I continued to work with Ron for specialized training over the past three years. The skill sets and knowledge he provided helped me accomplish my ultimate goal of Special Forces Air Force. To this day, I crosscheck my training with what I was taught by Ron and hope to continue working with him in the future. It’s hard to describe what Ron has been able to share with me in 50ish words because he has done so much. Thanks for everything and I wish you continued success for you and all of your clients!                                 -Mike I, AFA

·       BMX is a fairly specialized sport and Landon wanted to know more about how to move and be more efficient on his bike. As parents, we wanted to ensure proper training to help alleviate injury to our eight-year-old son. Ron took Landon in and quickly changed the way he moved on his bike. He started a strength-training regime to help give Landon more of an edge, as he is one of the smaller competitors on the track. He has gained more confidence and his riding shows vast improvement. Landon recently reached one of his big goals by becoming an Expert class rider. We all tribute much of his success to the training he has received at Maximum Velocity Physical Therapy. Thank you Ron, from all of us… Especially #66


The original vision of MVPT was: service from a medical point of view then progress to training.  Our purpose is to serve the community as a source of hope, education, and performance.  We do not know what the long term product is going to be and we are excited about that.  We have had a collection of surprising things happen in this last year.

Ø  We have had the pleasure of insurance companies reaching out to us.  Three, in fact, called and asked us to be on their panel as clients are asking them if we will take their insurance.  We politely declined.  No thank you, these people deserve no limits in their care.

Ø  We are proud to say that several professional runners or “post graduate” runners with Olympic aspirations have been treated as patients, including an Olympian training for her second Olympics.   It’s an honor to work with such high quality people and athletes.

Ø  At MVPT we have 9 lacrosse kids with fitness, performance goals and expectations of high performance.  Tennis, football, soccer, baseball, and basketball athletes are also currently training here.  Such an honor to serve them.


·       I finished in the top 100 for my division at Boston in 2012 and six months later the constant pain in my hips and back forced me to find an osteopath. He told me to quit running which devastated me emotionally. When the pain didn’t improve I drove to one last appointment so that I could break up with him in person. But he fired me before I could tell him I wasn’t go to see him anymore!  He said that if the pain wasn’t improving there was nothing more he could do for me.

Fast forward 2 years, a sports medicine doctor, a knee MRI and a back x-ray later. Thanks to Maximum Velocity Physical Therapy I’m up and running again.  My first race after working with Ron was the Zion Trail Ragnar my daughter wanted to run for her 16th birthday.  With patience and tons of humor, Ron coached my entire family so we’d be able to rock it as a team, and we totally did!  After my final leg the pain in my back and hips stabbed so hard it took my breath away though.  I dreaded telling Ron because I didn’t want him to fire me.  He was the only person that was willing to take the time to figure out exactly what was going on without telling me to stop running.

Ron took the news in stride but the stiffness continued so I decided to bargain with him about sticking with the strength training for another 6 weeks then doing a re-assessment.  The day I went in to suggest that plan, the first thing Ron said to me was “I want to do a re-assessment.”  He’d been one step ahead of the problem before, but this was unreal. Instead of giving up on me, he’d taken the time to do more research and find other strategies for helping me work through the stiffness.  My pace is improving, the stiffness keeps fading and my family has already registered for our next Ragnar.  We know Ron will keep us running happy and healthy.  –Barrie Family


My original plan was to serve as a support for triathlon coaches.  However, despite athlete’s pleas and concerns to coaches, no collaboration or referrals from triathlon coaches came our way.  As a result, several athletes looking for a coach approached us.  We did not plan on that, and we did not look for it, but the opportunity came to serve these athletes.  Their performance is what matters.  The health and well being of the athlete is what matters.  Recently, we were invited to attend the Triathlete Research Elite Coaches clinic.  We will now be actively pursuing coaching clients.  Here are 2 examples:


·       I started seeing Ron when I was having severe foot pain when walking and running.  My doctor recommended surgery, which I did not want to do.  Ron quickly identified the problem as being a dysfunction in my hips and glutes causing improper form.  We started working on strengthening those muscle groups.  Since then, I have run several races (including a half marathon) pain free!  Soon after, I became a coaching client of Ron’s.  We continued to work on strengthening and added a mental and nutritional component.  The quality of my runs and my races has improved dramatically.  I am able to complete them without walking and have set PR’s in the 5k, half marathon, and sprint triathlon distances.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

~ Jodi C


·       I first learned about MVPT through the Las Vegas Triathlon Club.  Ron hosted a free strength-training seminar for the club at his clinic.  Several attendees asked questions about what to do about this injury or that injury, and I really liked how Ron answered the questions while citing research that supported his advice.  I had no injuries, but I was training for an Olympic distance triathlon in the spring.  My training and mileage were increasing, and I liked Ron’s idea of targeted strength training as a means for injury prevention and performance improvement.  In a short period, I could feel significant improvement in both cycling and running.  Because Ron is also a triathlete, he was able to help me with my race strategy as well.  I finished my race uninjured and feeling strong.  I decided to tackle my first half iron this fall (Silverman), and I asked Ron to be my coach.  He designed a comprehensive training program that matched my current fitness, my goals and my personal needs.  Strength training, of course, has been a key component!  - Rick G.

The mission has not changed.  We listen and inspire.  We believe that through cutting edge information and treatment strategies, patients can reach their ultimate goals.  With the addition of coaching services we can now take an injured person to healthy and from healthy to high level.   MVPT is here to maximize patient and athlete potential.  We have some major additions in the works and big announcements are around the corner.  Your referrals, your feedback, and your generosity are humbling, and we are proud to be the 1st choice for people who invest in their bodies.  Feel free to look around the website or call the clinic at 702-998-2900 for a physical therapy evaluation, performance oriented strength class, or running or triathlon coaching.